Get Smart

Too often when sellers go to list their home, they sign up with an agent, get some photos taken and their property gets thrown onto the market. In most cases the property gets sold for a pretty good price and after 4 weeks of excruciating open homes the owners are just relieved its auction day and it’s all over. The agent then skips down the street telling all of the neighbours that they are responsible for the biggest property boom since Federation.

If you are interviewing agents and that’s the sort of approach they are recommending, you should consider engaging a private sale company to list your home on-line. You can then get a well-presented friend to conduct your opens and hire a good auctioneer to run the auction…an easy way to save $30,000 (and make a friend feel like they are responsible for the biggest property boom since Federation). If said friend doesn’t know what to say to potential buyers about price, just tell them to say something like ‘it’s hard to say what the property is worth so we are just going to allow the market to dictate the final price and go to auction’.


2-28 Park Ave-5

We live in an age where buyers look for properties on-line so as long as your property is featured there and the photos look good, they will find it.

Today’s agent should be more of a market expert who understands demand, local area trends and how to present a property to ensure the right buyers are there at the first viewing. In fact, the best agents will suggest a staged campaign that starts with a preview. Showing select buyers through the home before any advertising is one strategy that may get you an exceptional price.


2-28 Park Ave-2


How does it work? A good agent will probably already be in touch with the buyer for your property. Have you ever noticed that when you go out looking at houses you often see the same strangers (and friends) at each property? That’s because the same buyers are looking at all of the same houses.  Before your property is advertised to the public, these buyers should come through a private viewing or a ‘preview.’

The benefits of a preview are many. The most obvious being if you create strong interest you could sell for a great price quickly, at this stage of a campaign the seller holds all of the cards and has maximum leverage. The other major advantage is receiving feedback behind the scenes; hearing what these people think of your property, albeit positive or negative, is very useful information to you and your agent and may influence your public sale strategy.


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